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The Banzerini House is a non-profit production company established in 2007. We believe in therapeutic theatre and imaginative storytelling. Aimed at keeping the art of theatre alive and thriving; we provide a safe place for the community to express themselves while discovering their inner artist. 

The Banzerini House provides educational performing arts programs in a professional theatre setting which allows our members to grow while pursuing their creative passions. Our programs allow members to take new paths and explore arts they might not have ever had the chance to explore.

 Our goal is to help our members grow up healthier, happier, and kinder. We hope to inspire others to live confidently and follow their dreams.

Board of Directors

President - Angela Lavelle

Vice President - Chase Boyajian

Secretary - Kristina Wertz

Member - Ryan Rose

Member - Sherry Bushaw

Member - Alison Dunning

Member - Brad Boyajian